Lee High School’s Twist with Peter Pan’s Sequel, “Peter and the Starcatcher”

Lee High School’s theater department delivers a refreshing performance in “Peter and the Starcatcher”


Maysem Al-Khakani

The Lee High School theater department looks their best on the stage while performing “Peter and the Starcatcher”

Amelie Mohn, Staff Writer

The Lee Drama department is performing Peter and the Starcatcher by Rick Elice this Fall on November 21-24, at the Lee Auditorium. The Lee cast is taking a twist on the interpretation of the script, using bold physical theatre and creative set designs to portray the story.


This production has been due to the hard work of the Lee cast from the very beginning of the year up until opening night. This fiction, fantasy, comedy, romance will have every audience member doubling over with laughter.


The plot of the story is a prequel to Peter Pan. It showcases how everything before the famous children’s movie came to be. The story shows how Peter (Zachary Mendenhall), one of three orphans, gets caught up in a rivalry between the pirate king Black Stache (Leah Block) and the wayfarer Lord Lenard Aster (Ed Homan). 


Peter along with the other orphans Prentiss (Courtney Le) and Ted (Wendell Rice) end up meeting Lord Aster’s adventurous starcatcher daughter Molly (Jena Canamaso). A romance between Peter and Molly sparks and the four of the children go on a trip across the sea. Molly’s only job is to protect starstuff, a powerful magical substance that can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands, and get it to the Queen of England. It seems simple, however, none of this goes to plan.


Senior Leah Block, who plays Black Stache, is looking forward to the shows opening night.


Peter and the Starcatcher is so fun because it tells us how a little orphan on a ship became the Peter Pan we all know and love. It’s so full of magic and comedy that it’s captivating. Each rehearsal I get transformed to another world, and the audience definitely will too.” Block said.


Block appreciates the ability of the play to transform the stage into another world. She believes that the audience will enjoy the childlike wonder that comes along with the background story of the famous Peter Pan.


Jena Canamaso plays the main female role, Molly, who is the British wayfarer Lenard Aster’s daughter. This is her first performance as a main role in a production at Lee.


“Being the lead this year has been a different experience for me, especially since this show is our Cappies show. Cappies is a theatre organization where students become critics and write reviews on other schools’ productions. By the end of the year, Cappies critics nominate actors and tech to be part of the annual Cappies Gala. It’s sort of like the Tony Awards, if you will,” Canamaso explains. 


“With that, the pressure is added with my first lead role. Plus, there’s the stress of learning my lines, memorizing the blocking, and helping with the technical aspects of the show in such a short amount of time. Nevertheless, I am super excited to be a part of Peter and the Starcatcher and what’s more to come for the Lancer Theatre Department,” Canamaso explains.


The Lee Theatre Department is opening their fall play Peter and the Starcatcher with high hopes and are excited for what’s to come next.