Let’s Give Thanks to Lee’s Custodians


Ayden Schatz, Guest Writer

There are lots of reason why Lee is a good high school. But the biggest hidden treasure about this school is our wonderful custodial staff. This makes Lee unique because not all schools in Fairfax County Public Schools have a good custodial staff as our school does.

Lee High School students should appreciate our custodial staff more. The students should appreciate them some more because if this school didn’t have such good custodial staff, then the facilities would be far dirtier. Not only that but the custodial staff does the jobs that nobody else would want to do,  And because of that, they don’t get the respect and compensation that they deserve.

Fellow classmate senior Sunny Tran views our custodial staff with some respect. “[they are] Not doing anything special; they’re just doing their job,” Sunny Tran said.

Another fellow classmate senior Josh Loburk, views our custodial staff with more respect, and advocates for better pay “I feel like our custodial staff is awesome and should probably get paid more because they have earned it,” Loburk said.

Assistant Director of Student Activities and Lee’s varsity wrestling coach Derek Sweet had strong praise for the custodial staff. “The custodial staff faces a lot of challenges and one of them is that the students leave big messes and don’t clean up after themselves. I feel like we have one of the best custodial staff in FCPS,” Sweet said.

I have seen first hand Lee students not cleaning up after themselves in the classroom and the cafeteria and in the gym. They leave their trash behind in the cafeteria so that makes the custodial staff job twice as hard. Sometimes I use the bathroom near the aux gym and once you enter it, there’s trash everywhere because the some of the students just like to be jerks and don’t care about their school’s environment.

So if we are already witnessing dirty bathrooms and classrooms, just imagine this school without our wonderful custodial staff. This school would be a disaster; there would be trash everywhere. Even though we attend one of the smallest secondary schools in Fairfax County in terms of building size and student population, we still have an excellent custodial staff to service this building.

If it were up to me, I would be trying to pay the custodial staff more than they earn now because they work really hard. They even work during the summer just to clean up the classrooms and furniture, wax the floors, and set classrooms up and set up classrooms. Our custodial staff does a lot of hard work behind the scenes. More schools in Fairfax County should have as good of a custodial staff like Lee has, because it just gives the school environment a positive vibe.

Lee’s award-winning custodial team is an asset to the school and helps make the facilities a better and cleaner place. Students here should show respect for these hard workers by correctly throwing out trash and cleaning up any messes.