Lady Lancers Lacrosse Plays With Heart


Amelie Mohn, Sports Editor

Lee varsity girls lacrosse team wraps up another season of fun practices and competitive matches, winning their games against Mt. Vernon and Wakefield. The Lacrosse Lady Lancers practiced hard and had fun working and bonding as a team.

The team is led by senior captains Maggie Digiulian (defense), Kimberly Pham (attack), and Ashley Lacy (defense). The Lancers are coached by Coach Pam Samson and Coach Brian Callender.

Senior Meriem Idris (midfield) praises the team for their hard work and teamwork this last season. “The players on the team and the coaches really want[ed] to strive to be better,” Idris said.

The game against Wakefield was a major success with the team leading 13-5. It was a well-deserved win after the Lady Lancers’ hard work and rigorous training.

Overall, the Lee varsity girls lacrosse team was proudest of accomplishments in the Wakefield victory. Their performance was enough to win praise from the members.

However, Idris favored one of the games against Hayfield High School despite the team’s narrow loss. “It was such a close game, and it really showed off our skills. We just became a great team after that,” Idris said.

Reflecting on this year’s season, the Lady Lancers demonstrate a sense of pride representing Lee. Junior Sydney Kipfer (goalie) shows appreciation for the relationships between the team members. “We are skilled players, are hardworking, and work together well,” Kipfer said.

The other girls agree, saying that the team is extremely close off the court. “In the beginning, we start out not fully trusting each other, but in the end, we came together and created a great bond,” Idris said.

Despite the strong bonds, it was not a flawless season, and the team faced struggles on the field.

Though impressed by the camaraderie and skills of her fellow teammates, Kipfer acknowledged a weakness on the field. “We sometimes let our emotions get in the way [of the game],” Kipfer said.

Idris acknowledges that the team faced difficulties, yet she praises this season’s biggest accomplishment as the effort put forth by the players. “[We] really want[ed] to strive to be better, and the way we played was different than any other year,” Idris says.

Overall, the team reflected on the season fondly, feeling better prepared to work hard next season. With high hopes, the Lancers girls lacrosse team is closing this season with a strong bond between members and support for one another.