Lady Lancers Celebrate Good Times and Teamwork On and Off Court

Lee’s girls basketball completed a challenging, team-building season, yet spirits remain high.



Lady Lancers take the court.

Amelie Mohn, Sports Editor

Lee’s varsity girls basketball team wraps up yet another season of fun games and competitive matches, winning their games against Annandale and Justice. Lady Lancers trained hard this year practicing and working together as a team.

The team is led by junior captains Taven Pulliam, Cierra Blum, and Vanessa Gardner and is coached by Coach Le Towe, Coach Jared, and Coach Danielle.

Seniors Ashley Flores and Juliana Cruz proudly represent as four-year members of the Lady Lancers.

Sophomore Lila Paul who played point-guard in the game praises the teamwork the Lady Lancers displayed against Annandale. “I played well that game, we played well as a team, and it was really fun,” Paul said.

The Lady Lancers’ game against Annandale was a major success with the team leading 66-62. It was a well-deserved win after a season’s worth of rigorous training.

Overall, the Lee varsity girls basketball team was proudest of accomplishments in the Annandale game over all other games. Their performance overall during the game was enough to win praise from all the members.

Paul favored one of the games against Thomas Jefferson High School as the highlight of the season, “the time that was most memorable was our senior night, and we lost, but it was a really good game. We had a lot of spirit and a lot of energy in the crowd,” Paul said.

While the matches against Thomas Jefferson were memorable, the games against Edison High School were more challenging.

“[They were most difficult] by far. They have almost been State champions for three years in a row, they have a really good team. Half of them are committed to playing for college and they were just a really good team,” Paul said.

Freshman Brooke Hite who played center against Edison also agrees with Paul. “They were really good,” Hite said.

Reflecting on this year’s season, the Lady Lancers demonstrate a sense of pride representing Lee. Sophomore Cassidy Powers, a guard on the team shows appreciation for the relationships between the team members. “We have a very good bond, we work hard, and we encourage each other,” Powers said.

The other girls agree, saying that the team is extremely close off the court. “I really enjoyed connecting with the girls. It was a bit hard at first since I was the only freshman on the varsity team, but they were really nice and encouraging,” Hite says.

Despite the strong companionship off the court, the team faced struggles on the court.

Powers reflected on the difficulties on the court. “Our weaknesses are being vocal, good communication, and holding ourselves accountable for our mistakes,” Powers says.

Paul agrees with the struggles faced by the team while comparing this season to her previous season. “[This year and last year] were pretty similar. It was a building year, like last year. I think this year we know our weaknesses and what our potential could be, so we can be better prepared for next year,” Paul says.

Overall, the team reflected on the season fondly, feeling better prepared to work hard next season. With high hopes for next season, the Lady Lancers are closing this season off with strong bonds and support for one another.