Lee’s United Team’s Biggest Game of the Season: Fanquest

Lee’s United team faced off against the Robinson Rams at Fanquest 2019.

Sofia Quiroga Paz, Staff Writer

On Saturday, February 2, Lee’s Cat B Special Olympics team participated in the biggest basketball game of season: Fanquest!

Fanquest is a Special Olympic basketball tournament that takes place once a year at Robinson High School. Fanquest celebrates the Special Education students by giving them a day to shine and show off all of the hard work that they put in throughout the season.

Fanquest isn’t just a basketball game, it’s tournament in which three different schools compete. These teams include: the Lee Lancers, Lake Braddock Bruins and the Robinson Rams.

Before the game began there was a tailgate with live music, face painting, dancing, prize giveaways, games and food. The tailgate got the players and the students hyped up, and made a great opportunity for the Cat B students to make new friends and bond with their near-future opponents.

Senior Matthew Gregoire loved the tailgate and considered it his favorite part of Fanquest. ”I was so excited when I heard that there was going to be a tailgate, it was so much fun. I got to hangout with my teammates, eat Chick-Fil A, and I even got my face painted! I’m always going to remember this moment,” Gregoire said.

During the tailgate, the Lancers went their separate ways, only to meet up again to watch the Rams vs. Bruins game before then going to play against the Rams themselves.

Junior and captain Nayellis (Nay-Nay) Flores-Oliva reflects on her feeling during this time as she stated, “While watching the others play, I was nervous, because we were going to be doing that right after. But at the same time, it made me feel better because I could see how the other school played,” Flores-Olivia stated.

Soon enough, it was time for the Lee lancers to play against the Robinson Rams. The fans and players were enthusiastic, as the Lacers took the court.

Coach and Cat-B teacher Charlotte Petty was more excited than ever, following Fanquest. “I knew they were going to do amazing! They worked so hard and were really able to solidify their skills this year! I honestly can’t say that I was too nervous,” Petty said.

The starting lineup consisted of senior Danny (Daanyaal) Syed, Flores-Oliva, freshman Meriam Deghad, and General Ed helpers: junior Walter Villagran and junior Gavin Brustman.

Overall Lee’s United team performed well in an extraordinarily close game, but ultimately lost to the Robinson Rams in the last minute.