Is the iPhone 11 worth it?



Can you spot the difference? Apple’s 2019 iPhone 11 has had some improvements from the iPhone XR.

Naomie Joseph, Staff Writer

Do we really need a new iPhone? As an iPhone XR user, I have found that many of the features on Apple’s new phone are the same as those on last year’s version.

The iPhone 11 was released on September 22, 2019, and is the latest model released by Apple.

Some similar features to the iPhone XR are shape, size, LCD display, water resistance, and weight. Other similar characteristics are lightning ports, speakers, aluminum rails, etc.

The iPhone 11 comes in a mixture of new and old colors. The colors being black, white, yellow, red, green, and purple. Green and purple are the two new colors replacing last year’s blue, and coral iPhone XR.

Despite their similarities, one major difference between the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR is the new chip. Apple claims on their website that the new chip is, “the fastest chip ever in a smartphone.”

Another visible difference, and major change is the addition of two extra cameras. This means that iPhone users can take better quality photos using an ultrawide lens. The cameras also look different because of the matte gloss finish added to the rear cameras.

The iPhone 11 has a streaming video playback battery life of up to 10 hours, which is an hour longer than the iPhone XR.

The iPhone 11 has a dual back camera with a main and ultrawide lens. This extension can capture more angles when taking photos. This new camera includes a night mode feature, and three new effects, including: Stage, Stage Mono, and High-Key Mono.

Furthermore, the front camera contains 5 more MP in the iPhone 11. The front facing camera also comes with a wide lens feature.

The image resolution and optical image stabilisation of both phones are the same. As well as the physical aperture and retina flash, yet the video resolution on the iPhone 11 is of higher quality.

The sound quality on the iPhone 11 became slightly better when Apple added Dolby Atmos. According to the Dolby website, Dolby Atmos, “creates powerful, moving audio by introducing two important concepts to cinema sound: audio objects and overhead speakers.”

The iPhone 11 is water resistant of up to 30 minutes in a 2 meter depth. This phone is also available with a new sensor, and dual sim.

The iPhone 11 has a higher battery capacity of 3110 mAh, compared to the iPhone XR’s 2942 mAh. This feature allows the iPhone 11 to charge 50% within 30 minutes.

The iPhone XR is offered with 64 GB and 128 GB. Additionally, the iPhone 11 is offered with 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. In addition to that, 1 GB of RAM more than the iPhone XR.

A similarity between the two models are the built-in apps arranged by Apple, along with the free apps created by Apple. Additionally, both phones are provided with the same 32 languages.

Apple has reduced the price of their latest phone compared to last year’s model. For example, a 64 GB iPhone XR at its release date cost $749. However, a 64 GB iPhone 11, at its release date, costs $699.

In conclusion, many similarities remain with Apple’s iPhone 11 from the iPhone XR, but their differences have been found as significant improvements.